yamaha 350 ypvs

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If you were young in the early 1980s, you will remember the Yamaha RD350LC and the RD250LC. In an era when motorcycle design was still horribly influenced by the 1970s these were gorgeous. From 15p 0.

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The Yamaha RZ350 was a two-stroke motorcycle produced by Japanese motorcycle manufacturer yamaha between 1983 and 1995. The RZ was the final evolution of the popular and well-known series of RD Yamaha motorcycles, and as such is also known as the RD350LC II or RD350 YPVS.

"I changed back to the Yamaha Past Masters class in 2007, which is what I’ve stuck with ever since. "It’s for Rd 350 LC’s, YPVS, and TZR 250 bikes and since entering that I’ve been in involved with.

Rear shock absorber Yamaha RD 350 LC – YPVS (31K), year 1985 to 1986.

But with the ability of the YPVS Powervalve system to advance exhaust port. s modular parallel twins left no room to give such transfers to a 350. For this reason, when Yamaha in 1981 switched.

If you have worked with 2t barrels you would understand that the overall performance of the bike can be manipulated by incresing the height of the exhaust port; the low-end and high-end power across the powerband depends on the the height and widt.

Although happy working on any Yamaha two-stroke, Wayne’s speciality is the 350 YPVS and the much desired, Japan-only, V-twin TZR250R 3XV. “I’ve a real passion for these two, and now import and stock.

Ducati’s 900SS and 916, Honda’s RC30 and the original CB750, Norton’s Manx single and, more recently, Yamaha. 350 underwent a major revision for a mark two version appearing in 1983. It had.

Sections of the mountain course on a modified ypvs 350. Sections of the mountain course on a modified YPVS 350. Skip navigation. Isle Of Man 2016 – Yamaha YPVS 350 rd350 agos spawn. Loading.

It was manufactured between 1983 and 1986 as the successor to the Yamaha RD350 LC. The name Yamaha RD 350 YPVS is what it is known as in most parts of the world, although most of those sold in the United States are called the Yamaha RZ350. They all feature YPVS – Yamaha’s two-stroke power valve system.

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For me, and many others of my 50-year-old generation, it’s Yamaha’s iconic, early 80s LC. The why’ is simple: my biking and adult life blossomed with my LC: first a 250, then a 350 that transported.