Titanium Large Flanged Hex Head Bolts

Titanium Fasteners are widely used in all kinds of machines such as medical equipment and petrochemical equipment, etc. Titanium eye bolt is lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant and abundant in nature.Titanium wing bolts and its alloys possess tensile strengths from 30,000 psi to 200,000 psi (210-1380 MPa), which are equivalent to those strengths found in most of alloy steels.

Titanium Flanged Hex Head Bolt 10 x (1.25mm) x 35mm $ 8.50. Save weight with DME Racing Titanium Bolts. A washer based hex head of this design, spreads the load, while the rolled threads offer increased strength to give a tough, durable fastener. Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element, and it’s corrosion.

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Aerospace grade Titanium M6x16 with large drilled flanged, hex head bolt and 15 mm under flange. Additional lengths available.

Our refined suspension allowed us to use the wide flange 157. With one bolt Knolly frames switch from neutral to slack and.

This is reminiscent of Pearl’s Opti-Mount (though grabbing the actual lugs not the tension bolts) and indeed Zebra uses. Well, the tube lugs are fixed into the bottom triple-flanged steel hoop and.

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Product Catalog » Flange bolts » Full thread (IFI-111) Flange bolts, Full thread (IFI-111), Zinc plated grade 5 steel. Flange bolt diameter is measured on the outside of the threads.. flange bolts have a flange on the bottom of the head that distributes the load like a washer.

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Titanium Bolts and Studs; Titanium Bolts and Studs Hex Head Titanium Bolts; Reduced Hex Head Titanium Bolts; SHCS (Allen Head) Counter Sunk (Flat Head) Bolts. Engine Fastener 12 pt. Head Large Flange 1/4 – 20 x 7/8 $ 4. 88. Details. hex head 10/32 x 3 $ 4. 88.

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M11-1.5 Pitch X 60mm Allied Titanium Hex Head Flange Bolt, Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V) Titanium with Polished Finish : Flange bolts have a wide flange under the head of the bolt that acts as built in washer. This serves to distribute the pressure of the bolt to a larger bearing surface over the part.