Thread Measurement

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A slide gauge measures the outside diameter, and a screw pitch gauge measures the pitch and controls the thread angle. Measuring the internal thread is.

Table Formulas for calculating the tap drill size for inch and metric threads. NOTE:This formula will determine a recommended decimal size, then use the numbered, lettered, or to the computed size. FOR METRIC SIZES: The recommended tap drill size is equal to the outside diameter minus the pitch.

Learn how to measure fitting threads in three easy steps.

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Second, use a thread pitch gauge to identify the number of threads per inch. For metric connections, measure the distance between threads.

diameter, the thread pitch can be measured with a standard micrometer. Chris’ Tip: This entire discussion is about 60 threads. Pee Dee Thread Measuring Wires can be used to measure other threads (and tables for Acme threads are included with the Pee Dee Thread Measuring Wires), but it changes the formulas and constants.

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Dividing the length of thread by a set weight derives the exact measurement of a thread weight. A thread is labeled 40 wt. when 40 kilometers of that thread weighs 1 kilogram. A 30 wt. thread is heavier because it takes only 30 kilometers of thread to weigh one kilogram.

Thread count or pitch is normally measured using a Thread Gauge. You can use our printable PDF thread gauge or you can buy a thread gauge.If you will be measuring fasteners frequently, it is recommended that you purchase one of our inexpensive thread gauges, which are significantly easier to use.

How to Determine NPT (National Pipe Thread) Size Male NPT is denoted as either MPT or MNPT Female NPT is either FPT or FNPT Pipe thread sizes do not refer to any physical dimension. The outside diameter of each pipe fitting must be measured and compared to the table for size identi-fication.

The thread series is generally relative to the outside diameter of the screw. 20 threads per inch on a 1/4" diameter screw is considered coarse: 1/4-20 UNC. On a 3/4" diameter screw, 20 threads per inch is considered extra-fine: 3/4-20 UNEF. It also plays a role in determining the length of engagement.