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Unlike a DCT gearbox found on Honda Goldwing, the semi-automatic transmission system on the Suzuki Hayabusa would not require any changes to be made to the engine. A new patent makes reference to a.

On December 31 the legendary Suzuki Hayabusa will officially be withdrawn. The engine was allied to a body that basked in its own ugliness.

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Suzuki Hayabusa Chassis.. Engine size is close enough for government work at 1,285 cc for the Duc versus 1,340 cc on the ‘Busa, but engine control is a different matter.

Interestingly, Suzuki also used the Hayabusa nameplate on a swoopy, lightweight 2003 concept car, which used the bike’s 175-horsepower engine. However, the concept remained such a one-off that it wasn.

If the former happens, Suzuki and Kawasaki will again start the ultimate rivalry just like they did earlier with the Hayabusa and the ZX-14R. Powering the present day Suzuki Hayabusa is a 1,340 cc, inline four cylinder, liquid-cooled engine mated to a six-speed transmission.

The suzuki hayabusa 1300 model is a Sport bike manufactured by Suzuki . In this version sold from year 2007 , the dry weight is 217.0 kg (478.4 pounds) and it is equiped with a In-line four, four-stroke motor.

Don Hass and Steve Serafini of Hass-Serafini Racing are trying to go 300+ mph in the standing mile with a highly modified 2004 Suzuki.

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The next-generation Suzuki Hayabusa is imminent with the current model soon to. Amidst this, a new patent application has surfaced online which gives us an insight regarding the engine and gearbox.

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Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve. The Hayabusa engine is fitted with tapered, 44mm double-barrel Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) throttle bodies. Unlike conventional fuel-injection systems, the SDTV system has two butterfly valves in each throttle body barrel.

The little hatchback was made with affordability and fuel economy in mind, not speed. But one genius decided that what this car needed was the engine from another Suzuki model-a Hayabusa sport bike.

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Considering the engine could be upsized, it is safe to assume that the maximum power output could cross 200 horses. Suzuki has not made any official announcement about the development or the launch of.