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Self-tapping screws are fasteners that are designed to drill their own hole as they are screwed into wood, plastic or metal. By using a screw driver and self-tapping screws, precisely fitted threads are created.

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A self-tapping screw is a screw which can tap its own hole as it is driven into the material. Contents. 1 Mechanism; 2 Thread-forming vs. thread-cutting.

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This simple instructional video shows you how to install a self-tapping sheet metal screw and some other bits of related info.. Self-drilling screw test. Remove a broken tap the hard way..

Self-Tapping screws can cut their own threads as the screw is driven in to the material. They function by having a cutting edge which drills away the material, making a tiny hole for the screw to go into.. Externally threaded fasteners with the ability to self-pierce light gauge metal and tap.

A self-tapping screw is a screw that can tap its own hole as it is driven into it. For hard substrates such as metal or hard plastics, the self-tapping ability is often created by cutting a gap in.

Self-threading inserts, installed with a tap wrench or with a drill press and tapping head, are brass inserts having both an external and internal thread and two slots which provide cutting edges much the same as a tap.

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