Screw Boss

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The ITW Shakeproof BosScrew is the only screw for plastics that is designed not to loosen. Its unique thread form, formed using WERCS technology, works directly with the creeping aspect of plastic to interlock with the boss.

Screw boss must proper dimensions to withstand screw insertion forces and the load placed on the screw in service. The size of the bore relative to the screw is critical for resistance to thread stripping and screw pull out. Boss outer diameter should be large enough to withstand hoop stresses due thread forming.

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Boss Hole Dimension: For the highest ratio of stripping to driving torque, use a hole diameter equal to the pitch diameter of the screw. Boss Outside Dimension: The most practical boss diameter is 2.5 times the screw diameter. If its wall is too thin, a boss may crack. Higher stripping torques are not achieved with thicker bosses.

Adding Screw Threads to 3D Printed Parts.. Make sure to size the screw boss hole diameter between the major (thread) diameter of the screw and the minor diameter. The screw shown is a #8 wood screw in a 0.16 inch diameter hole. Printed Threads.

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Princeton’s WordNet defines "emboss" as "raise in relief," and that’s exactly what a boss is: a feature raised above a surface. In plastic parts, bosses are typically used to assist in assembly, as a receptacle for a screw or threaded insert or as the locator for a mating pin on another part.

Boss Design: Bosses are used for the purpose of registration of mating parts or for attaching fasteners such as screws or accepting threaded inserts (molded-in, press-fitted, ultrasonically or thermally inserted). The wall thicknesses should be less than 60 % of nominal wall to minimize sinking.

The Boss Screw is a self-tapping screw used on E-Z-GO RXV Vehicles primarily in installations involving the cooler/basket, floor mat, body frame, and the electrical/fuel systems. This screw replaces Item # 605957

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