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Six major Canadian cities will see first-hand the breathtaking new motorcycles Ducati is offering for 2020 Highly anticipated super. The “S” version of the Streetfighter V4 features Marchesini.

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Suspension duties are handled by 43mm inverted forks and a monoshock at the rear. Meanwhile, braking is done by twin 320mm.

A motorcycle chassis (TZ250 seen here) offers a variety of ways to spend Christmas. Add in some riders’ belief that they.

Reactive Suspension offer a full range of motorcycle suspension products and services for track day riders, tourers and commuters. Agents for K-Tech, Dal Soggio,Traxxion Dynamics and Racetech. Learn the art of suspension building in our purpose built workshop. Hands-on courses are available in fork servicing, shock servicing, theory, bike set-up and shock/damper dyno tuning.

What Size is M10 rgv – 250 Back in the late 1980s and early 90s the two-stroke RGV250 was the closest thing you could get to a Grand Prix bike on the road. The RGV250 ran from 1987 to 1997, but they were only officially imported into the UK from 1989 (RGV250 K) to 1994 (RGV250 R).I’ve heard of good and/or limit catches and some of the usual kvetching about size. Fall trout season opened Oct. 19 and I.

Race Tech Upgrades for Your Motorcycle will have You Thanks Giving with Every Ride. Read more. Share Tweet. October 11, 2019 – Spooky Suspension.

Whether you are looking for more comfort from your touring motorcycle, or maybe after a couple more ‘tenths’ on the track, a well setup bike can help you achieve this. MCT is a road focused suspension company that gets involved with racing. Most other suspension companies are race focused but do get involve with road.

Suspension is the most important aspect of any motorcycle and a baseline setup is the most cost effective way to improve your motorcycle’s capabilities! Once you have a baseline setup and understand how the suspension affects the cornering abilities of a motorcycle, WCW can help you tune your motorcycle even further.

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December 2019 – Canadian riders of all levels as well as those interested in learning about the motorcycling lifestyle are.

We are USA importer and distributor for Touratech Suspension/Germany, Tractive, Wilbers, TFX , Yacugar, Ikon and YSS, plus we’re an Ohlins dealer and Ohlins authorized service center. We offer motorcycle shock and fork re-valving, fork cartridge emulator kits, fork cartridge upgrade kits, on-site dyno testing, and motorcycle shock rebuilding.

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JHS Racing are hlins-trained motorcycle suspension specialists as well as being a K-tech suspension authorised UK dealer. We provide suspension set-up, optimisation, installation, servicing and refurbishment for any type of motorcycle and for any manufacturer’s suspension components.