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Back when I had my VTX every one did a pin mode on there seat bolts. They threw the bolts away and use the pins to hold the seat. It was a lot easier and you didn’t have to worry about stripping out the head. You can learn alittle about it at bareass choppers. hope I spelled it

The p-pad is attached to the rider’s seat, so it comes off in one piece. The bolt holding the p-pad to the rear fender is a metric Allen-head bolt, but I can’t recall the size off-hand. There’s also a plastic washer between the seat tab and the fender to help keep the fender from getting chafed up.

Sprung solo seats require a solo seat pivot as well as seat springs, either barrel or hairpin style. Lowbrow has both available in both black and chrome plated. Also available are a variety of solo seat spring mounts, with weld-on and bolt-on varieties available, all made in the USA.

These deliver fade-free damping and 16 levels of compression-damping adjustment to soften or stiffen and suit any rider’s weight or riding style.Victory Bikes DRIVER BACKREST This gives the rider a.

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Yet it’s incredibly stable as well as beautiful with carbon fiber subframe components, carbon wheels and titanium bolts. motorcycle in the company’s history, and with good reason. The base Bobber.

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