How to Clean Motorcycle Bolts

Once the bolts are all clean, it is best to wipe a little petrol on them to remove any remaining dirt or grease. Never wash or soak the bolts in water; this will only get them rusty all over again. Grease and oil will prevent the paint from adhering well to the bolts.

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Preventing rust in bolt heads. You’ll end up with some grease on the ends of your hex wrenches whenever you make adjustments, but this way you know that your bolt heads won’t clog with dirt or ice (or rust, which as others have noted usually does not meet destructive levels).

stud screw Screw extractor bits are made of very hard metal. EDM is becoming more popular and available. If you’ve broken off a stud inside your cases, it might cost 50 dollars to get someone to use EDM to.

 · How to Clean and Grease Gas Cap and Vent-Sticky Me Please. GSTwin, GS500 Message Board. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss. How to Clean and Grease Gas Cap and Vent-Sticky Me Please (Read 24783 times) ben2go. Trade Count:. 4mm allen wrench-I do not recomend using an allen socket.These bolts break easily.

Saturate your chain with either a cleaning oil or chain cleaner. Continue to rotate your rear tire to move the chain and clean the entire length of it thoroughly. If you’re using a chain cleaner, allow it to soak into the dirt for a few minutes. A chain brush or old toothbrush can then be used to scrub your chain clean.

The engine coolant your motorcycle comes with from the factory protects your cooling system from freezing and lubricates the system. Ethyl glycol based engine coolant is very slick and difficult to clean up if there is a spill on the race track (it is easier to clean oil spills).

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1. Clean all parts with denatured alcohol or DOT 4 Brake Fluid. Wipe parts dry with a clean, lint free cloth. Blow out drilled passages and bores with a clean air supply. Do not use a wire or similar instrument to clean drilled passages If your pistons are pitted than replace,

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