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Hop on a ride for my in depth review of my 1995 Ducati 900CR. Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amcr_channel/ All photos are from Goog.

An older 900SS is likely to be in the region of 3000 from a private sale or closer to 3500 in a dealership, which is good value in the Ducati world. Real minters retail at closer to 4000 while the prices of the 1000SS start at 4000, however it is a rarer machine in the used market as it was pretty unpopular back in the day.

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Ducati says that the small decrease in rake allows the bike to flick faster without sacrificing straight-line or cornering stability. ducati looked to the 916 for way to improve the 900SS suspension and brakes. For example, the brakes seem to be in the same league as the 916. Inverted front forks have been increased from 41mm to 43mm.

Tell me about the Ducati 900ss. Discussion in ‘Road Warriors’ started by rokklym, Apr 19, 2006.. The only reviews I’ve read of them were form the early 90’s and they sounded like a good bike at the time. #1. NorCalslowpoke, Apr 19, 2006 #2.

Ducati 900 SS 1996 Motorcycle Photos and Specs. Get the latest Specifications for Ducati 900 SS 1996 Motorcycle from mbike.com!

Instantly recognisable due to the bike being covered by aerodynamic. Ducati 900ss, 2001 , This Bologna Classic has just arrived, were excited to offer such a genuine unmolested example. She has.

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Hunter S. Thompson reviews the Ducati 900SS. Hunter’s story ‘Song of the Sausage Creature’ of his time with a Ducati 900SS. By Hunter S. Thompson. Fri, 30 Jul 2010. Share This. Article first published in Cycle World Magazine.

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MOTORCYCLE DETAILS. -By Tim Parker. This wonderful bike's original owner was one Chris Coakley, a collector of Palo Alto, California. He bought many.

A long wheelbase bike, with a mere 70-ish bhp at its rear wheel, the Ducati 900ss 125mph performance wouldnt seem too impressive now, but in its time, it was something very special. The ultimate Italian cafe racer. Back in the Seventies someone invented the phrase Ducati Country for roads like this.