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MCN overall review verdict: It might not have the traction control, Ohlins suspension and Marchesini wheels of the more expensive S’ model, but this base-model Streetfighter, complete with its.

2007 Ducati 1098S – ROAD TEST. Italy takes on Japan with Twin barrels blazing. There was a time when a Ducati Superbike ruled the high banks of Daytona, but Cook Neilson’s shock win on Cycle mag’s Old Blue project SS was 30 years ago. Soon after, Japan hit its racing stride.

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The Ducati 1098 is a sport bike made by Ducati from 2007 to 2009, in three versions, the 1098, 1098S, and 1098R. The 1098 was succeeded by the 1198 in 2009, though the 1098R remained in production that year. The 1098 shares more design elements with the older 998 than with its predecessor the 999, such as horizontally placed headlights and a non-integrated exhaust system. Another carryover from its 916/998 heritage is the single-sided swingarm. This return to a more traditional Ducati design has

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DUCATI 1098s The 1098 sets new standards when it comes to road bikes. It has, quite certainly, the most useless mirrors I have ever encountered on a bike. Imagine trying to view the road behind through a shard of broken glass gaffered to a very short stick attached to the side of a vibrating fairing and you have an idea. But who cares? I love this bike.

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The Ducati 1098 was launched in 2006 alongside its higher specification siblings the 1098S and a little later the 1098R. It only ran for two years before being replaced by the 1198, which as well as a larger capacity engine brought with it the introduction of traction control (taken from the 1098R) on the 1198S models.

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