different types of nuts and bolts

A Gallery of 12 Common Bolt Types. Stephen Mraz | Sep 23, 2015. Start Slideshow Bolts are threaded fasteners that are intended to be mated with a nut.

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Stud bolt. This type of bolt has hexagon nuts on both ends. Components are fastened between the two bolts. Timber bolt. Bolts that are meant for use with large timber components. T-head bolt. Has a T-shaped head which can be gripped by a wench and can fit into a slot with ease. Toggle bolt

Choose from a variety of types and sizes of fasteners at Grainger. We carry both metric and regular size nuts and bolts, as well as fastener manuals and tech sheets to help you on the job. You can select a single threaded rod or bulk order nuts and bolts.

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Types of Bolts Carriage Bolts. Also known as a "coach" bolt, has a domed or countersunk head. Hex head bolts. hex tap bolts, hex cap screws, trim head hex cap screws, Machine Screws. A machine screw is a screw or bolt with a flat point. shoulder bolts. shoulder bolts (also known as shoulder.

SS Hex stainless steel head Bolts with Nuts (m5x10, 12, 16, 20 , 25, 30). futaba stainless steel Screws Nuts Assortment Kit (Standard Size, Silver) -12 Kinds 600 Pcs. cabinet Metal Drywall Screws Different Sizes in 1 Box (Black, Small).

Chicago bolts, barrel nuts or sex bolts are all names for the same uniquely-shaped type of bolt. Unlike other bolts, which have threading along the outside of a cylindrical shaft, the Chicago bolt has a hollow shaft that is smooth on the outside and threaded along its interior.

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What is the most commonly used material for nuts and bolts? May 25, 2017 Be it construction or any other major industry the role of nuts and bolts and other types of fasteners are critical. Thus they determine the overall strength and structure of the largest structures.. The different types.

Different types of bolts we can manufacture are Center bolts, Hub bolts, U-bolts, Hex bolts, Spring bolts, Shackle bolts, Nuts, Long bolts and Stud bolts etc. We also manufacture these products according to user¡¯s specification. supplying products completed by all pertinent services is our main factor of competitiveness.