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If you have the kind with a little plastic reservoir on top, just unscrew the cap of the reservoir. If you have a metal master cylinder that contains the reservoir, use a screwdriver to pry the retaining clamp off the top. Don’t leave the master cylinder uncovered or an open can of brake fluid sitting around for too long.

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Dodge Ram trucks from 2010-11 model years have a faulty cap that keeps the brake lights. its newest Dodge Ram trucks because their brake lights can stay on too long. The problem: Caps on the.

Reinstall any electrical connections and fill the reservoir with fresh fluid. Step 1: Jack up the car. Make sure the car is in park, or in first gear if it is a manual. Set the brake and put wheel..

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Also be sure that it’s really leaking from the top, and isn’t leaking from the seals between the reservoir and the master cylinder. When those seals die, you get all the drips of a reservoir leak except for on the reservoir itself, and since the reservoir is often dirty and oily it can fool you into thinking the leak is coming from higher up than it is.

H2C brake fluid reservoir cap for Honda Grom and Honda MSX125 SF parts and accessories. ..

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