bike seat bolt

 · I did stop safe and sound though and then looked at my bike expecting the worst. My first thoughts were that the carbon seat post had snapped as my saddle was lying about 20 feet in the road behind me. Luckily it wasn’t, it was the bolt holding the saddle onto the post that had snapped right through. I have no idea how or why this happened.

The complete guide to bicycle bolts.. Fasteners: One or two 4, 5 or 6mm binder bolts, on clamp at top of seat tube right above top tube purpose: secures seatpost at right height inside seat tube

Choose the right exercise bike seat adaptor kit based on the shape of your exercise bike seat post.. Since there are hundreds of models with varying bolt configurations, we have universal kits or are making custom adapters for our customers. Here is a list of common exercise bike models and manufacturers:.

The seat tube has a 30.9mm diameter, so is dropper post ready. The slight curve, in addition to the thinner seatstays, adds compliance, according to Specialized, so no comfort is apparently lost over.

A bike seat that moves when you ride can mean only one thing — a loose fitting. The fix will depend on the style saddle you have and how the seat moves. A saddle that swivels from left to the right requires a different approach than one that changes tilt. With the right tool, this is an easy fix.

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Bike Bicycle Seat Post Bolt Saddle Clamp Bolt & Plate Nut Set Replacement. £4.97. Litepro Bicycle seatpost clamps folding bike CNC Al alloy 41mm seat pipe clamp. £11.17. Was: Previous price £12.27. risk bike seatpost clamp Lock Bicycle Seatposts Clamps With Cable aluminum alloy.

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Get off the bike and adjust the seat either up or down based on the test. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the bolt located on the seat post clamp. When you’re done moving the seat, securely tighten.

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Bike seat fitting is extremely important to provide maximum comfort for the rider. Proper fitting depends also on other bike variables. Handlebar height, frame size, the type of bike (mountain, comfort, road, etc.) and even the riding terrain influence the proper fitting of all bike seats.