02 bolt on data

Bolt Ons give you extra minutes, messages and data, on top of your tariff. You can add or remove them every 30 days.

The daily excess data ‘bolt-on’ behaves just like other charges, so when your excess 1.50 charge causes you to hit your 6 Smart Cap on the 5th attempted day of excess data, your data service is suspended (among others that might incur charges).

Here at O2 Star Trader, we understand that customers are always wanting more, Bolt on data doesn't expire, so if you don't use all of your bolt on data in one.

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If you decide to go with O2 Unlimited or Favourite Place then you will need to get a data bolt-on to go with it. The "Text & Web" tariff comes with data allowance so is great value if you rarely call anyone and just use text messages. O2 Data Bolt ons Bolt ons are extras that you can add to your PAYG SIM that will give you things such as 3G data

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Some 80 percent of Surge 02 startups have come onboard with co-investors. giving users the option of having multiple data plans on one device without changing their physical SIM card. Airalo has.

When you add a data bolt-on after running out, the advisor should check how much data has been used since you ran out, and explain that the added data will be reduced by the amount of over-used data.

Solved: Hello, Can anyone tell me why I bought a ONE-OFF data bolt on in August and have been charged every month since? Shouldn’t a one-off bolt

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iD is a mobile provider after our own heart. With all-you-can-eat data plans a distant memory, the Carphone Warehouse-owned MVNO has.

If you need more calls, texts or data, just add one of our Pay As You Go Bolt Ons. Choose from our monthly or one-off Bolt Ons.

The SIMplicity package starts at 3 per month, and offers customers a SIM only deal with a number of text, call and data bolt-ons available. Wi-fi calling . O2 allows customers to make calls over.